Bradesco is focused on creating opportunities for the personal success of individuals and the sustainable development of companies and society. We believe we can improve our clients’ experience through innovation. This is how we have designed an innovation ecosystem that can support and inspire the institution, creating pathways and conditions that place us as a leader in providing financial and non-financial products and services.

We are working on three key pillars:

  • Expediting new features or improvements to existing products;
  • Encouraging new products and services within existing businesses;
  • Exploring, suggesting and experimenting with emerging technologies.

In order to overtake the challenges in these three fields, inovabra has been working alongside business areas to establish priorities and devise a portfolio of initiatives that ensure long-term business competitiveness. Inovabra includes the following corporate innovation vehicles:

Strategy and portfolio: innovation consulting efforts with business areas in accordance with the organization’s drivers. Provides support in implementing initiatives from the concept stage, case construction process, validation of the business model, experimentation and scale into production. The goal is to generate innovative solutions to provide improved experiences to our clients, optimizing existing products and services, expanding to adjacent businesses and increasing participation in new markets.

R&D – Multidisciplinary research team: mapping trends in the financial sector, finding opportunities, identifying issues and creating solutions. Continually interacts with partners, universities and research institutes in Brazil and abroad and offers new knowledge about emerging technologies, new market trends, proposals for new business models, digital transformation, efficiency improvements, development of pilots and experimentation. Some of the topics covered include embedded finance, Artificial Intelligence, Tokenized Economy (Blockchain, Decentralized Finance, CBDCs, Digital Assets), Quantum Computing, Metaverse, Web3, ESG, in addition to monetization in new business models, open finance, ecosystems, hyper-personalization, and others.

Open Innovation: in an environment of physical and digital co-innovation, large companies, startups, investors and consultants work collaboratively to accelerate innovation and foster entrepreneurship through the generation of business for the community and for Bradesco. The environment contains over 200 resident startups and 1,500 that are connected via partner hubs, plus 50 large companies striving for innovative solutions.

Unified and collaborative laboratory: centralizes areas of Bradesco technology and large technology partners, with a safe environment for testing frontier technologies. The model provides operational efficiency in innovation, prototyping and product design, experimentation of new solutions with startups and big techs, proof of concept, launches and solutions of new challenges. Our laboratory also has a Sandbox that allows the test of solutions simulating our core banking, which guarantees more accurate experimentations reducing integration uncertainties and the time-to-market of innovation.

Corporate venture (inovabra ventures): proprietary capital fund for strategic investments in startups and high-growth companies that have innovative technologies and/or business models. The fund is controlled by the area of Private Equity & Venture Capital and it actively contributes to the generation of value in the companies, especially when they involve solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Culture & Communication – culture program: initiative to develop a culture that drives and rewards innovation within the Bradesco organization. The program generates repertoire through three pillars:

  • Empower: Inspire, enable, and empower the organization’s employees on emerging technologies, facilitation tools, and innovation themes.
  • Engage: connect a community of intrapreneurs, boosting the exchange of knowledge, experiences and bringing about change at all levels.
  • Accomplish: materialization of the culture in the form of challenges, experiments and metrics of results and innovation behavior.

The program includes initiatives for influencers (a select group with representatives from various areas of the bank, who are the catalysts for innovation in their departments), for executives and all employees of the organization. In the 2023-2024 period, 217 influencers are taking part in the program, representing 70% of Bradesco’s areas.