Inovabra is the innovation ecosystem that fosters innovation inside and outside the Bank by means of collaborative work with employees, clients, businesses, startups, technology partners, investors and mentors. The goal is to meet the needs of our clients and ensure business sustainability (existing ones and those that are to come). inovabra is composed of several programs of complementary actions:

inovabra centers

In force since 2012, it is an internal innovation program, which encourages our employees to adopt an intra-entrepreneurship approach, spreading the culture of innovation inside the Organization. The innovation projects are prioritized, structured and conducted from the stage of conception, passing through the whole process of construction and validation of the business model. They are employees from several areas of business, interacting among themselves and with the ecosystem, focused on the generation of innovative solutions to provide better experiences for our clients. The inovabra hubs program is also responsible for the international inovabra, inaugurated back in 2018 and structured in an environment of innovation in New York with connections in London, and it is a radar in the innovation ecosystem and global entrepreneurship. The employees work in a collaborative space in partnership with a specialized company and international banks. The goal is to identify solutions that add value to the Organization’s business and monitor trends in new business, technological and behavioral trends. In a continuous process, startups, fintechs and new business opportunities are evaluated by international inovabra and tested via the inovabra lab and/or inovabra hubs.

inobrava ventures

A proprietary capital fund launched in 2016, currently with a capital of R$400 million. The management is performed by the Bank’s Private Equity & Venture Capital department, which invests in companies with technologies and/or innovative business models, and contribute to the generation of value in Startups through close relations with other companies within the group in an effort to expand the entrepreneurial environment. So far, we have invested in 11 startups.

inovabra research

A multidisciplinary team, with analysts and researchers who study new technologies and business models extensively to keep the Organization at the forefront of knowledge. In constant interaction with partners, universities and research institutes in Brazil and abroad, the team supports inovabra with specific knowledge to make decisions about the innovation portfolio in conducting the process of innovation. It is also responsible for conducting research on Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, IoT, quantum computing and others, as well as its impacts and applications in financial services and products.

inovabra lab

Inaugurated at the end of 2017, it is an environment of 1.7 thousand m2 located in Núcleo Bradesco in Alphaville (SP), which centralizes 16 laboratories of the technology departments. The space was designed to provide a collaborative working model with major technology partners. The model drives operational efficiency, optimizing the time it takes to certify new technologies and prepare prototypes, experimentation, proof of concept, launches and solutions for new challenges by 60%. In addition, it provides ideal conditions to connect business areas with the IT areas, including major technology partners, drawing the Organization closer to the frontiers of emerging technologies. 844 certifications and 135 PoTs have already been completed. The lab also conducts experiments stemming from open innovation through strategic partnerships with startups that address needs and opportunities for our financial and non-financial services. So far, 72 proofs of concept have been executed, and we have partnered up with 27 startups in total.

inovabra habitat

In February 2018, we launched the inovabra habitat, a space for co-innovation, situated in the large economic center of innovation and cultural heritage of the city of São Paulo. There large corporations, startups, investors and mentors work collaboratively to co-innovate and generate business. 218 startups and 78 large companies are part of the environment, totaling more than 1.2 thousand people working collaboratively to innovate, make up part of the environment. Around 500 contracts were signed between the companies, startups residents of the space and Bradesco. In addition to fostering entrepreneurship in Brazil and the culture of innovation in the Organization, the habitat tends to contribute toward the country in the search for a position of greater leadership in global innovation.

Since September 2020, inovabra habitat’s operation model has also been extended to digital. The new format, in addition to the physical, can house startups and companies across the country that want to have access to open innovation. Through inovabra hub’s digital platform, we implemented the connection with other startups from various regions of Brazil, for access to business opportunities with Bradesco and the Bank’s partner companies. Currently, there are more than 2.6 thousand startups registered that can be analyzed to participate in specific business challenges.

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More details about inovabra and all its programs can be accessed on: (Portuguese only).

inovabra extends its operating range through partnerships with other innovation centers in Brazil.

In addition to the inhabitants allocated in the physical space, inovabra habitat establishes partnerships with other innovation centers with the aim of connecting the business demands of Bradesco and of large companies that have a relationship with the Bank in innovative entrepreneurship distributed in various parts of the country.

The partners are chosen based on their potential to connect entrepreneurs in their area of expertise, in their various segments, in addition to the qualification of their network in terms of human capital, technology and innovation. The centers with this profile receive the qualification of “inovabra partners” and become part of the innovation ecosystem of Bradesco.

Currently, Santa Catarina Technology Association (ACATE), Artemisia, Hotmilk, Hospital de Amor, Nexus, Gyntec Academy,Porto Digital and 100 Open Startups are inovabra partners.

inovabra’s Awards and innovation cases in 2020
  • Efma Innovation for February – M-Token Case
  • Valor Inovação Award 2020:
    • 1st place – Bradesco in the Banking sector
    • 9th place in the ranking for 2020
  • World’s Best Financial Innovation Labs 2020 – Case: inovabra habitat
  • Whow! Award for Innovation 2020:
    • Bradesco – 3rd place in the bank category
    • Ágora Platform for investments – 3rd place
  • Efma Innovation for May – Speech Analytics Case – Central
  • The Best of Dinheiro 2020 – Bradesco 2nd place in the bank category
  • Corporate Startup Stars Awards – Bradesco – inovabra
  • TOP 100 Open Corps – Bradesco – inovabra
  • Empresas mais 2020 – Bradesco 2nd place in the financial services sector – commercial banks
  • 16th Banking Report Award:
    • Operational efficiency – case: 365° Office Project;
    • Financial Inclusion – case: Marketplace Bradesco
    • Financial Innovation Personality 2020 – Fernando Moraes de Freitas
inovabra’s Awards and innovation cases in 2021
  • BAI Global Innovation Awards 2020 MEI Portal Case, in the category of products and services for small companies.
  • World’s Best Banking Awards 2021.
  • World’s Best Financial Innovation Labs – inovabra habitat and inovabra lab are among the World’s Best Financial Innovation Labs, as published in the fourth annual World’s Best Financial Innovation Labs report by Global Finance magazine.
  • Fast Company’s 2021 Best Workplaces for Innovators – Bradesco was recognized by Fast Company publication as one of the best places for innovators to work.
  • Innovation in Digital Banking Awards – Bradesco is selected as the most innovative bank in Latin America for the 2nd consecutive year in the August issue of The Banker Magazine.
  • TOP 100 Open Corps 2021 – Bradesco was recognized in the TOP 100 Open Corps as one of the companies that does most open innovation with startups in the country. Bradesco was ranked 11th in the Top 20 Open Corps and 2nd in the Top 5 for Financial Services.