Corporate Reporting Channel

Corporate Reporting Channel


Click here to watch the video with the guidelines concerning the Corporate Reporting Channel.

This channel receives reports about violations of Codes of Ethical Conduct, the Organization’s Policies and Standards, as well of illegal acts, such as: internal fraud, money laundering, corruption, conflicts of interest, moral or sexual harassment, among other irregularities committed by employees of Bradesco or affiliated companies.

You may report your complaint by accessing the electronic form.

You do not need to identify yourself: reporting can be anonymous and is always confidential.

Remember to detail your report and, if possible, send documents, photos or other evidence that proves the report. After registration, reports can be consulted using the protocol number informed upon registration.


If you want to make a complaint about bank transactions involving customers – such as the Instant Payment System (PIX), transfers, bank slips – or talk about other matters, please contact the Fale Conosco channel or call the Alô Bradesco customer service (SAC) at +0800 704 8383 – 24-hour service.

Bradesco hereby declares that it complies with all applicable legislation on information security, privacy and data protection, including (whenever applicable) the Federal Constitution, the Consumer Protection Code, the Civil Code, the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Federal Law 12965/2014), its regulatory decree (Decree 8771/2016) and the General Data Protection Law (Federal Law 13709/2018) and other sectorial and general standards on the topic, undertaking to handle the personal data collected through this form only within the strict limits and purposes set forth herein. Please forward any doubts about the way in which your personal data is handled to the email