Codes of Ethical Conduct

Codes of Ethical Conduct

The Code of Ethical Conduct aims to serve as a practical guide for personal and professional conduct, to be used by all our professionals in their interactions and daily decisions. It makes the Organization’s principles explicit and affirms our values, applying to our managers, employees, interns, apprentices, service providers, suppliers, controlling companies, subsidiaries and companies that are members of the Bradesco Organization.

The Code is available in the Organization’s Normative System for the entire staff and every new employee receives a protocoled welcome letter, in which he/she is instructed to access the content within 30 days after admission. Access to the content must be done through the online course, classified as mandatory, with the completion of the post-test, to be considered adherence to the Code.

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Sectorial Codes of Ethical Conduct

It defines standards seeking a honest and ethical conduct of the employees of several areas at Bradesco, emphasizing the importance of ethical values and principles in each one’s life, since the practice of such orientations is decisive for the success in the conduction of the Organization’s activities.