Bradesco Shares

Bradesco Shares

In Brazil, Bradesco shares are traded on B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão with the BBDC3 (common shares) and BBDC4 (preferred shares) tickers and they are listed in Level 1 Corporate Governance. Abroad, they are traded in the United States (New York Stock Exchange – NYSE) and in Spain (Madrid Stock Exchange – Latibex). On the NYSE, in the form of ADRs – American Depositary Receipts, it has the tickers BBDO (common shares) and BBD (preferred shares). On Latibex it has the XBBDC ticker.

Common shares give the right to vote in shareholders’ meetings, in addition to having a 100% “Tag along”. Preferred shares entitle the holder to a dividend payment per share 10% higher than that paid for common shares and hold an 80% “Tag along”.

In 1Q24, the average daily total volume traded (B3 and NYSE) was R$990 million, R$741 million on B3 and R$249 million on NYSE.

The gross payout in 1Q24 reached 65%, totaling R$2.6 billion in dividends and interest on capital.

Note: In October 2023, a share repurchase program was renewed for up 106,584,881 book-entry, registered shares, with no par value, being up to 53,413,506 common shares and up to 53,171,375 preferred shares, valid for 18 months.