Sustainable Business

Sustainable Business

Making financial and insurance solutions accessible to all Brazilians, according to their needs, and promoting solutions that support them in the transition to a more sustainable and climate change resilient economy is our purpose.

Sustainable Business Target

Seeking to reinforce our commitment to Sustainable Development and the promotion of positive impact through our businesses, we announced our corporate target of mobilizing R$250 billion by 2025 for sectors and activities with socio-environmental benefits, through corporate credit for selected sectors, advisory services through investment banking, and products with a socio-environmental purpose or label.

Corporate Credit Socio-environmental Products Investment Bank
Allocation of credit for customers in sustainable business sectors Specific products and services for assets and projects with socio-environmental benefits Advisory services for operations with customers in selected sectors and sustainable assets and bonds
  • Solutions

Credit Lines – We offer more than 20 credit solutions with environmental and social benefits: education, renewable energy generation, low carbon agriculture, accessibility, among others.

IFC Funding

In September, we entered into a strategic partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in order to raise US$250 million. The goal is to boost financing to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises within the context of Local Productive Arrangements (LPAs) focusing on the creative economy in the North and Northeast regions.

Structured Operations – EWe are prepared to develop customized solutions to address customers’ demands focusing on environmental and social challenges – such as Green CRAs (Certificate of Agribusiness Receivables, a title backed by agribusiness credit), for example.

Capital Markets – Our expertise also covers advisory services for issuing financial instruments with an environmental, social and sustainability bias – such as green, social and sustainable bonds.

International Sustainable Bond

In January 2022, we issued our first international Sustainable Bond worth US$500 million. In December 2022, we had already allocated 100% of the resources.

The issuance adheres to the guidelines of Bradesco’s Sustainable Finance Framework which is aligned with the main international benchmarks of financial instruments with a sustainability perspective. It includes verification and a Second Party Opinion (SPO) from Sustainalytics, a verification company specialized in sustainable businesses.

Bradesco’s work in sustainable business reaffirms its commitment to serving as an agent of positive transformation in society that is aligned with its purpose and institutional commitments, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Principles for the Responsible Banking (PRB).


Climate Finance Bond

In December 2020, we raised R$1.2 billion through a Financial Letter, to expand the financing of projects and assets in the renewable energy, energy and operational efficiency, clean transportation and green buildings sectors. At the time, this was the largest sustainable bond issue ever made by a Brazilian private bank.

The issue, already settled, followed the criteria established in our Climate Finance Framework, based on the main international references, and underwent independent validation by Sitawi – Finanças do Bem, a specialist in this type of operation.

Investments – Bradesco Asset Management (BRAM) incorporates in its asset management the analysis of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects and develops funds based on sustainability and corporate governance criteria and indexes – such as the B3’s Corporate Sustainability (ISE) and Corporate Governance (IGC) Indexes. At Ágora, we offer investment solutions with an ESG focus, such as the Ágora Top Green portfolio, which recommends companies among the companies listed on the B3’s ISE.

Insurance solutions – In our insurance portfolio we also provide solutions with socio-environmental benefits, such as the collection and correct disposal of disused goods (furniture and appliances) or the inclusive insurance, with accidental death coverage and funeral assistance available from R$5.50 per month.

Learn more about our ESG practices, management and performance in our Integrated Report.