Sustainable Governance

Sustainable Governance

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To respond to the constantly changing economic, social and environmental conditions in which we live in, we have a set of guidelines and management and governance structures dedicated to the management of these aspects in the Organization.

The Sustainability and Diversity Committee is responsible for making key decisions and overseeing the strategy. It’s formed by members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board, including the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee decisions are advised by the Sustainability Commission, composed by directors and managers of several areas.

Some specific issues are submitted for approval by the Board of Directors, such as the sustainability strategy, revisions, new directions and related goals, as well as approval of the PRSAC (Social, Environmental and Climate Responsibility Policy). In addition, the Board is tasked with approving the adhesion or maintenance of commitments related to sustainability issues.


We have developed policies, standards and guidelines for the management of themes that permeate our activities concerning Sustainability. Take a look at our PRSAC here. To learn more about the other policies and standards, click here.