Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

We have been effective in contributing to the access of people to the financial system with at least one branch, a service point or a banking correspondent in each Brazilian municipality. We adapted the physical structure according to the economic potential of each region. Thus, we boosted the local development and added value to our business, which is only possible on account of the investments in technology.

Aligned to the goal of banking inclusion, our financial education project seeks to contribute to the financial well-being of employees, clients and non-clients. In addition to assisting in overcoming situations of indebtedness through the rational use of money, the practice of responsible credit, and of promoting savings and investments suited to the profile and needs.

We also made available through the Sociedade de Negócios portal (Business Society), exclusive content for legal entities, with the aim of informing and updating the entrepreneurs on the market and its news, in addition to cooperating with the success of new ventures.

We operate in the field of personal insurance and supplementary pensions, spreading the culture of savings and protection of families by means of popular products of insurance and microfinance, as well as low levels of contribution in open supplementary pension schemes.

Microcredit also operates with onlendings via Interfinancial Microcredit Deposit for Credit Cooperatives in the Southern Region of Brazil. These organizations foster economic and rural activities, creating jobs, boosting the economy.