Corporative Identity

Corporative Identity

Create opportunities to fulfill people and the sustainable development of companies and society.

Values are the Organization’s fundamental beliefs, as well as the success factors that serve as a guide to fulfill our purpose:

  • Customer as the reason for the Organization’s existence;
  • Ethics in all activities and relationships;
  • Transparency in the information required by the interested parties;
  • Belief in people’s value and development capacity;
  • Respect for human being dignity and diversity; and
  • Socio-environmental responsibility, encouraging actions for sustainable development.

Additionally, our values as success factors in our business are:

  • Strength of Bradesco brand with a strong tradition in financial, capital and insurance markets;
  • Solid culture and corporate governance focusing on business continuity, associated with our commitment to sustainability;
  • One of the best distribution networks in the country, in terms of modernity and scope;
  • Broad portfolio of products, services and solutions for all segments; and
  • High investments in technology.