Digital Channels

Digital Channels

From January to September 2023, over 98% of transactions performed by our clients took place through Bradesco Digital Channels. Among the already diverse and existing channels, the Bradesco app (for both individuals and companies) stands out because of a 33% increase in financial transactions when compared to the same period last year.

This data reflects a new customer profile – one who is more digital, autonomous and demanding – as well as the relevance of our Digital Channels in the daily routines of Bradesco clients.

In terms of support, products and services, our performance is reinforced by being present wherever the client prefer, whenever they need it, in the way and with the solutions that align with their wishes and needs.

By prioritizing the client, we pave the way for the creation of intuitive and personalized journeys, mainly through the use of data intelligence. To ensure they have the very best experience, we use a 100% dedicated area: Bradesco Experience (be.). There are more than 500 multi-faceted professionals who work in all interaction channels.


Mobile for Individuals:

Bradesco clients have always actively used digital channels because of the practicality and security provided to them. Today, we have 25.5 million active clients in the Individual Client Mobile channel, a result that points out an increase of 4.2 million clients in two years (September of 2023 x September of 2021).

Given the continuous evolution of these channels, our customer-centric strategy and on the expansion and diversification of our products, services and digital solutions. Using metrics, data intelligence and quantitative and qualitative research, we identify and make important changes, bringing even more usability and fluidity to the experiences within the Mobile PF channel.

The Bradesco app not only improves experiences, it’s also constantly innovating. One example is the new loan menu, which now boasts 8.6 million unique screen views (from July 1 to September 30, 2023).

Some of the benefits of this innovation include an easier way to compare credit offers, a better understanding of the ideal products for each part of a client’s stage in life, and a reduction in the steps needed to apply for credit.

3Q23 Highlights:

  • New Loan menu – Customization according to the client’s needs and their stage in life. The new menu simplifies things by allowing clients to enter only what they’re looking for without the need to know or specify the products. By taking the client’s profile into account, we are able to provide the best offer for them – reduced rates, better terms, more suitable product – making it easier to compare credit offers and reducing the steps involved in taking out a loan.
  • Further innovations in the Cards area – Re-design of the card invoicing area, with real-time presentation of transactions, PDF versions and improvements in usability. The new features are already earning us positive feedback from clients, especially on the app stores, where we have an overall satisfaction rate of 90%.

Bradesco’s artificial intelligence was created as a trailblazer in the Brazilian financial market and has been reinventing itself for 7 years. Created as a way to make the clients’ life easier, BIA is now working as a generative artificial intelligence, maintaining its mission of becoming a concierge, while acting in a friendly, reliable and solution-oriented manner.

BIA assists clients in a variety of ways: answering questions about products and services, performing banking transactions, checking balances and account limits, future account statements, latest entries, statements up to 10 years old and a duplicate copy of PIX receipts, provides the IBAN Code, searches for nearby branches through geolocation, sends investment notifications, and other services.

Among the numerous new features, BIA will be front row in Teleton donations this year, promoted by the television network SBT. In its participation, BIA will ensure an even easier journey and safer donation.

Best Experience

In addition to the institutional website, Bradesco app, and WhatsApp, BIA can also be found on the Ágora Investimentos portal, assisting clients in performing transactions on the São Paulo Stock Exchange with information such as buying and selling shares, scheduling orders, subscribing to shares and blocking and checking on limits.

Through WhatsApp, it helps clients with account information and makes transfers via PIX with a receipt. To ensure added security for clients, it also uses WhatsApp to contact them in the event of suspected credit card fraud and transactions via PIX. As such, this speeds up the reporting and processing of these cases.

When receiving and reading users’ questions, it assesses the best response in real time, interacting in a humanized way. BIA also handles 100% of the first-line calls received by Fone Fácil Bradesco (Hotline), delivering the best customer experience and greater operational efficiency.

BIA plays a vital role in Bradesco’s digital transformation and is an example of an initiative that has generated value in various aspects, including customer service and automation of processes. We are committed to delivering the best experience for clients and turning them into even bigger fans of BIA.

3Q23 Highlights:

  • Autonomous BIA – Added intelligence and freedom in relationships with clients by acting as an omnichannel.
  • Generative BIA – The beginning of the evolution of artificial intelligence engines with generative solutions, as well as cognition and natural language.

Internet for Individuals:

We were pioneers in providing access to financial services through Internet Banking Bradesco: a solution that has transformed our relationship with our clients, and continues to be an important source of information and transactions. It’s a pioneering spirit that has guided us throughout our now 80 years of business. We were the first financial institution in Brazil to have an email address on the internet back in 1996.

Our structure with proprietary addresses make the access to the contents of the bank more practical and intuitive. By entering the name of a segment, niche or product followed by “.bradesco”, the person is directed to the page related to what they are looking for.

Having its own domain (, we stand as one of the few Brazilian companies to have a top-level domain or generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – an initiative by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned and Numbers), the agency responsible for Internet protocols that regulates addresses on the worldwide web.

Our communication platform is divided into two main pillars:

1. Institutional website ( – With simplified content and plain language, it offers access to information and clarifications on various financial products and services with the support of tutorials in videos that facilitate the content understanding. The online purchase of products of the Organization and of partners is also available on the homepage of the portal. Among these products we have cards, consortium, Losango, Cielo, among others, serving also clients who do not have a checking account in Bradesco.

2. Bradesco Internet banking for financial services – Boasting over 500 products and services, it allows clients to view statements, payments, transfers, investments, and much more. It can be accessed through a password and Security Key for account holders, and by CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry No.) and password for non-account holders.

Net Empresa

Net Empresa Desktop and App:

Bradesco Net Empresa is a platform available to companies. It is well-known for its variety of digital products and services that assist all types of entrepreneurs – from individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) to major corporations. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it benefits from all the robustness and security of Bradesco, and is available in desktop and mobile versions.

3Q23 Highlights:

As part of our continuous growth, we have designed some more new features!

Desktop and Mobile

  • Increase in the limit for Business Checks – Provides autonomy for the customer, who can contract the Business Check, in addition to increasing or reducing the credit limit.
  • Consultation/exclusion of opt-in from the schedule Gives the client autonomy to manage the card schedule for prepaying their accounts.
  • Invest Fácil when opening accounts – Allows clients to easily sign up for Invest Fácil when opening accounts.


  • ASAAS receiving platform – Helps clients manage billing with the possibility of contracting the main receipt services in a single session. It also allows clients to control receipts and make charges to their customers, reducing late payments on their receipts.
Fone Fácil

Fone Fácil Bradesco provides to the clients call center services supported by high technology and excellence. By means of electronic services, it is possible to carry out financial services, purchase products, obtain information and also check and perform transactions, such as paying bills, making bank and interbank transfers, taking out loans, and making investments, among others.

The Electronic Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and counts on a sophisticated system that interprets the requests of clients by voice command, offering convenience, comfort and security.

In Personalized Service, available Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we count on highly qualified financial experts, providing the best experience to the client. Emergency services such as cancellations due to fraud/scam and theft of cards and/or cell phones, are available through our personalized customer assistance line, 24/7.


Focusing on innovation, evolution and availability, the self-service machines are intended to facilitate the daily lives of our clients, providing capillarity and intuitive journeys.

There are now more than 44,000 active machines, distributed between Own Network (20,010) and Banco24Horas’ Shared Network (24,109). All machines are equipped with biometric readers, providing additional security and convenience for cardless transactions.

Our fleet of machines also includes recycling machines, geared towards greater efficiency and cost reduction by eliminating the use of envelopes. Currently, there are 8,551 machines that operate with banknote recycling, which enables cash deposits with immediate credit in the beneficiary’s account. This feature also contributes to sustainability, since banking statements are sent via e-mail. Since 2022, envelope-free cash deposits have also been available in the 3,697 Banco24Horas recycling machines.

With our clients’ experiences in mind, we also have disruptive features, including the possibility of purchasing dollars and euros (a feature present in over 116 machines) – exchanging two currencies in a single machine – with representative participation in Exchange Transactions. In 2021, we also implemented the Virtual Vault, a solution that offers autonomy to clients when purchasing foreign currency through the Bradesco App and withdrawing from ATMs. This only reinforces our end-to-end look to promote the best experience for clients at all interaction points.

In addition, proxies now have much more autonomy in transactions of individual clients and can now access self-service machines. They can also perform transactions in a safer and more intuitive way through biometric registration and an exclusive 6-digit password. The project won the 2023 Smart Award (Prêmio Smart 2023).

There have been over 52 years of self-service and continual efforts towards evolving, so that we can keep our machines active wherever clients need them.

Social Network

In a society that is increasingly connected, the active participation of Bradesco in social networks is a condition for sustaining the business over time, to the extent that it enables the direct dialogue and responsive to clients, and ultimately to society.

Bradesco, in a pioneering and innovative way, has been active on the main social networks since 2009 and has become a market reference. With a focus on communication, relationships, co-creation of content, and activation for business purposes, the use of social networks is an increasingly strategic way to captivate and attract clients, and maintain relationships, in addition to promotion a positive impact, through conversations about diversity, inclusion, representation, equity, plurality and respect.

We are present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Tik Tok.

We have a team of experts who interact with clients and non-clients 24 hours a day and carry the voice of the people to create active content. Another prominent facet is the work that is created along with digital content creators, such as influencers and YouTubers, which establishes a relationship and discussion with users, and genuinely reaches people. The result is an increased potential to promote information.