Digital Channels

Digital Channels

The use of digital channels in client’s daily life has sharply accelerated during the pandemic, a period of escalated digital transformation. It has represented a challenge for many people and companies, but it is something Bradesco has been planning for, as illustrated by its strong presence in digital channels. This presence also ensured that our bases were prepared to support the growth in accesses over the period, thereby guaranteeing the permanence of fluid and effective working hours.

Our Digital Channels include client support, products and services that can be accessed at any time and from any location, ensuring mobility, practicality, autonomy and security for clients. This demand for digital solutions and services should continue to grow, which is why we are further expanding our digital business. In the 1st quarter of 2022, 98% of transactions were carried out through Digital Channels, with emphasis on the Bradesco App (Individuals and Companies), which presented a 92% growth in financial transactions compared to the same period of the previous year. In addition, we reached the record for opening accounts by cell phone in Mar/22 for individuals and companies.

We restructured the channels and created Bradesco Experience (be.), responsible for promoting the best experience for current and potential clients, regardless of the interaction channel. It’s a strategy that positions the customer 100% at the center of decisions and lends a voice to their wants and needs. By prioritizing the client, we pave the way for the creation of intuitive and personalized journeys, mainly through the use of data intelligence. In addition, be. is committed to improving client  relationships, making their lives simpler and easier by facilitating banking operations through a signal or a click. We’re therefore preparing our physical and digital channels to support the diversity of our clients, mapping their demands and needs, and transforming them into opportunities to become even more relevant in the daily lives of each of them.

Desire > Research > Analysis > Comparison > Decision > Utilization > Recommendations.

To do this, we work with our entire UX team structure: UX Strategist, UX Research, UX Design, UX Writing, VUX, distributed in clusters and also in the initiatives in search of smooth journeys that deliver the best Bradesco experience.


Mobile for Individuals:

The use of digital channels has grown, particularly for financial transactions. Overall, we now boast 22.6 million active clients in the individual Mobile channel, an increase of 6.1 million clients in 2 years (Mar. of 2022 x Mar. of 2020). For the forthcoming years, we believe in the continued entrenchment and growth of this channel.

Today, we have a wide and diverse set of solutions. Available for iOS and Android operating systems, clients can make payments and transfers, take out loans, consortia, make currency exchanges, access non-financial benefits, and other services. Bradesco clients can also take advantage of the integration to the Ágora App, a complete investment platform where they receive tips, market news, and complete analysis from our experts.

Deployments – first quarter/2022

  • Income report on the Bradesco App – our clients can easily and practically view Income Tax documents for the last 5 years (2021/2020/2019/2018/2017), Consortium documents for the years 2021/2020, and Real Estate Financing documents for 2021.
  • Managing Bradesco Account Transfer Limits through the App – autonomy and security to limit daytime and nighttime transfers between Bradesco accounts of the same owner, including registered and non-registered accounts. The solution is available only to users of the security key on the M-Token for cell phones.
  • Credit card request issued by DZERO – created so that clients can use the credit card immediately after approval through digital wallets (Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay), without the need to wait for a physical card to be delivered. Available for Visa and Elo.
  • Card manager – clients can now see their relationship manager’s phone number and email address in the Bradesco App. Save it to your contacts directory to get in touch whenever you want. Available to Exclusive, Digital Exclusive, and Prime clients.

Proximity to the client becomes increasingly important, as well as providing support tailored to the customer’s needs. In an effort to further improve the client experience, we invest heavily on research and technology, which includes pioneering solutions introduced by Bradesco. This is the case with BIA, our artificial intelligence platform released in 2016. Initially implemented for employee use at branches throughout Brazil, it matured until it also came to be used for interactions with clients on the Bradesco App and other channels.

Having exceeded 1.3 billion interactions since its debut, BIA now acts as a virtual assistant for both clients and non-clients. Ever-present in the Bradesco App, it is constantly evolving and now allows clients to make transfers between Bradesco accounts via voice or text, and answer questions about the bank’s products and services. It is also present on WhatsApp, Fone Fácil (electronic telephone service), Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and through the Apple messaging App, providing mobility and helping the client digitally wherever they are.

To further support the digital service, we have added the ability to check on open and closed invoice balances added in BIA, latest credit card entries, account statements over the last 7 days, and viewing the IBAN code for clients who need to receive a payment order from abroad. In addition, since April 2021, BIA was also made available on the Bradesco website when accessed by the cell phone, and has already reached 7.2 million interactions.

Inspired by the “Hey, update my voice” movement, we altered BIA’s responses so that it responds fairly and firmly against harassment, and has been recognized by UNESCO as a reference in the fight against gender harassment.

In line with the digital transformation that moves forward, we will continue to invest in the progress of BIA, expanding its capabilities with resources that help clients organize their financial stream and improving BIA’s communication skills to offer an increasingly intuitive and intelligent experience.


Internet for Individuals:

The first financial institution in Brazil to have an internet address in 1996, Bradesco was also a pioneer in providing clients with access to financial services through Bradesco Internet Banking. Our solution has transformed the relationship between financial institutions and clients and continues to be an important source of information and transactions.

Celebrating 26 years on March 31, 2022, the Internet Banking Bradesco continues to evolve and today represents one of the main facilitators of the financial life of clients and non-clients.

Having its own domain (, we stand as one of the few Brazilian companies to have a top-level domain or generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – an initiative by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned and Numbers), the agency responsible for Internet protocols that regulates addresses on the worldwide web. The structure with proprietary addresses make the access to the contents of the bank more practical and intuitive. By entering the name of a segment, niche or product followed by .bradesco, the person is directed to the page related to what they are looking for. It is a structure designed to facilitate browsing for clients, providing more fluidity and practicality.

This communication platform is divided into two main pillars:

1. Institutional website ( with simplified content and plain language, it offers access to information and clarifications on various financial products and services with the support of tutorials in videos that facilitate the understanding, in addition to functionalities that help in the client’s day-to-day transactions, like the issuance of bank payment slip copies. The online purchase of products of the Organization and of partners is also available on the homepage of the portal. Among these products we have cards, consortium, Losango, Cielo, among others, serving also clients who do not have a checking account in Bradesco.

2. Bradesco Internet Banking for Financial Services: access by using a password and Token for account holders and by CPF and password for non-account holders. With more than 600 services and products available, clients can check statements and make payments, transfers, Pix, investments and much more.

Even more modern and hi-tech, the channel’s new visual concept includes amenities such as customization of the distribution of services on the home page according to the preference of each client. It also boasts relevant information on the investment portfolio, including personalized tips and visualization of credit card limits and purchases in real-time, in addition to offering even more autonomy to the client’s financial life with the use of a transaction limit manager.

Deployments – first quarter/2022

  • Customized Campaign – Private Payroll-Deductible Loans case: integration of Internet Banking with the CRM tool for customized communications to clients who have done the simulation of the product.
  • IPVA 2022 – Up to 5 times installment payments of the IPVA (Motor-Vehicle Property Tax) collected via bar code and Renavam (vehicle ID number) for the State of São Paulo.
Net Empresa

Net Empresa Desktop and App:

All corporate clients benefit from Bradesco Net Empresa, a feature for companies available in Desktop and App versions. This channel allows clients to make transfers, Pix transactions, investments and check deposits, submit files, and other banking operations.

The use of digital channels by companies is growing. Concerning the previous year, the first quarter of 2022 presented a 48% growth in the number of financial transactions and 44% in the volume transacted on the Net Empresa App. Looking at the same period, the credit concession in Net Empresa Desktop and App rose 51%, highlighted by advancements in receivables and working capital, which respectively grew 115% and 99%. The sale of consortia also increased, 110% in sales and 129% in contracted amount.

Deployments – first quarter/2022

Net Empresa Desktop

  • IPVA 2022 – up to 5 times installment payments of the IPVA (Motor-Vehicle Property Tax) collected for the State of São Paulo.
  • 20 new Investment funds.

Net Empresa App

  • Opening account via Mobile for EI (sole proprietorship) / EIRELI (limited-liability sole proprietorship).
Fone Fácil

Fone Fácil Bradesco provides to the clients call center services supported by high technology and excellence. By means of electronic services, it is possible to carry out financial services, purchase products, obtain information and also check and perform transactions, such as paying bills, making bank and interbank transfers, taking out loans, and making investments, among others.

The Electronic Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and counts on a sophisticated system that interprets the requests of clients by voice command, offering convenience, comfort and security.

In the Personalized Service, available Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we count on highly qualified financial experts, providing the best experience to the client.


The first machine for cash withdrawal, SOS Bradesco was installed in 1970, predecessor of the current ATMs, whereas the first self-service machine was installed in 1982. With more than 9 million clients who make queries and transactions exclusively through the network of self-service machines, we are present in the five regions of Brazil, enabling autonomy with security in a portfolio of products with intuitive navigation and focus on digital convergence.

Maintaining high availability and capillarity, there are currently over 50 thousand active machines, distributed among Bradesco’s Own Network (26,198) and Shared Network – Banco24Horas ATMs (24,010); with more than 80% of the screens being touchscreen, enabling features that facilitate the day-to-day operations of the client, such as the withdrawal with the possibility of choosing the banknotes, quick withdrawal and sending the receipt through email.

We also have disruptive services, such as the 152 machines for the purchase of US Dollars and Euros – foreign exchange of 2 currencies in a single machine – which had a representative participation in the Organization’s Foreign Exchange operations. In 2021, we also implemented the Cofre Virtual (Virtual Safe), in which the customer has autonomy to purchase foreign currency through the Bradesco App and withdraw at ATMs.

Strengthening our pioneer DNA, there are 8,223 machines that operate with banknote recycling, which enables the cash deposit with immediate credit in the account of the beneficiary, precluding the use of the envelope. Continuing with the cost reduction of consumables, since December 2020, more than 4 thousand recycling companies also received the function of deposit in check without the envelope; with clearance according to the deadline established by the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN).

The ATMs have advanced security technology and are 100% equipped with Biometrics. The security in the palm of your hand adds, apart from the convenience in the “proof of life” for our clients who are beneficiaries of the social security program of INSS (National Institute of Social Security), flexibility to make the most diverse transactions without a card, such as activating a security key on a cell phone and the access of proxies of individual account holders. The transactions can be made without needing an employee present.

Projects for the first quarter/22.


  • Virtual Vault – Subscription through the App and cash withdrawal through an ATM – improved usability.
  • Inclusion of a “Legal information” button on the Insurance journeys screens.


  • Inclusion of new fields in the data confirmation screen for Credit products.
  • Screen providing instructions to clients on paying through another channel in the debit journey for vehicles in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.
Social Network

In a society that is increasingly connected, the active participation of Bradesco in social networks is a condition for sustaining the business over time, to the extent that it enables the direct dialogue and responsive to clients, and ultimately to society.

Bradesco, in a pioneering and innovative way, has been active on the main social networks since 2009 and has become a market reference. With a focus on communication, relationships, co-creation of content, and activation for business purposes, the use of social networks is an increasingly strategic way to captivate and attract clients, and maintain relationships, in addition to promotion a positive impact, through conversations about diversity, inclusion, representation, equity, plurality and respect.

We are present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Tik Tok.

We have a team of experts who interact with clients and non-clients 24 hours a day and carry the voice of the people to create active content. Another prominent facet is the work that is created along with digital content creators, such as influencers and YouTubers, which establishes a relationship and discussion with users, and genuinely reaches people. The result is an increased potential to promote information.


Social Networks

  • TikTok – Videos with content creators of TikTok to talk about Security, explaining terms and recurring scams, and about financial education, including information on financial terms and tips on how to set up and run small businesses;
  • Podcast Histórias de Ninar Para Garotas Rebeldes 2 (Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls #2) – This is a podcast retelling real-life fairytales about the extraordinary women who inspire us. A partnership with B9, Histórias de Ninar Para Garotas Rebeldes is based on the bestseller written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo, inspiring millions of girls to dream big, aim high and fight bravely. Eleven more episodes are available on audio platforms, all free of charge;
  • Aliados pelo Respeito (Allied by the Respect) Podcast – A Bradesco podcast produced by media firm B9, created to discuss topics and issues aimed at building a future with respect to diversity. There are 4 seasons and a total of 16 episodes covering themes related to gender equity, LGBTQI+ community, people with disabilities, and ethnic and racial diversity. Listeners to this podcast will hear stories that reveal the urgency of working on these issues and also get to listen to conversations with experts on understanding how to fight injustice, embrace the victims and build a more inclusive future.
  • BIA Against Harassment – A nationwide campaign that brings a series of changes in the responses of BIA (Bradesco Artificial Intelligence). The initiative was created to offer a strong response to harassment and is part of the bank’s support for the “Hey, Update My Voice” movement sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In addition to the campaign’s widespread roll out, there was also a YouTube livestream that delved deeper into the topic. On Twitter, interactions between artificial intelligences were presented from other companies, such as Nat from Natura, Lu from Magalu, Mara from Amaro, Ully U from Ultragaz, and Aura from Vivo, in addition to next.
  • Vozes Bradesco – In an effort to encourage the sharing of visions and experiences within the institution, Vozes Bradesco (Bradesco Voices) helps employees create content for their personal profiles on LinkedIn. In addition, employees who wish to publish content will be able to receive support from the Social Networking team, who will offer tips on formats, frequency and engagement. The program is offered regardless of position or department. However, the content needs to be aligned with Bradesco’s values and pillars, such as innovation, people, education, business, diversity, and may be reposted on the bank’s institutional profile. The Vozes Bradesco initiative seeks to humanize the institution by allowing its employees to take on a leadership role. To take part in the project, the employee must mention #VozesBradesco.
  • BRAVOZ Ubuntu – With the introduction of the Bravoz project in 2019, Bradesco has attempted to deconstruct an isolated thought of “Black Consciousness Day” and to create space for the “Black Consciousness Culture”, expanding leadership roles and black voices that, with all their “Brazilianess”, transform society on a daily basis. During the first 12 months of the project, 24 artists from a variety of fields, including singers, photographers, graphic artists, graffiti artists and designers shared their stories in monthly livestreams about entrepreneurship and their careers, sharing their experiences with audiences as black artists in Brazil.
    In its second season, Bravoz was made into a movie: ‘Bravoz Ubuntu’, a 20-minute short film released on the bank’s YouTube account. Inspired by the ubuntu African philosophy about collectivity and solidarity, the film tells the story of a character, played by Jeniffer Nascimento, and her search for a successful career as a singer. In the story, she is helped by a number of professionals, who portray themselves through showing how the entrepreneurial network is formed on the journey: Eliane Dias plays the entrepreneur, Zezé Motta the mentor, Parteum the music producer and Moysah the director. Website: