Digital Channels

Digital Channels

We believe the client comes first. That’s why we are where the client prefers to be, when they need us, in the manner and with the solutions that make sense to their wants and needs. We maintain a connection to clients by staying abreast of market trends along with any shifts in their behavior. This helps us deliver the best solution through the best experience.

Clients are becoming increasingly digital and are looking for autonomy and personalization. In Bradesco Digital Channels, they are able to find all the convenience and customization they need.

Our Digital Channels were used in more than 98% of transactions made by our clients from January to March 2024.

Among the already diverse and existing channels, the Bradesco app (for both individuals and companies) stands out because of a 34% increase in financial transactions when compared to the same period last year.

How do we know what’s best for clients?

To promote they have the very best experience, we use a 100% dedicated area: Bradesco Experience (be.). Here, cross-functional professionals work across all interaction channels, applying data intelligence to create intuitive, personalized journeys that are tailor-made for the client’s stage in life.


Mobile for Individuals:

Our clients have traditionally made use of Bradesco Digital Channels, thanks to the convenience and security provided by them. Due to the acceleration in technology, the individual mobile channel has become even more important. There are now 26.2 million active clients, an increase of 3.6 million customers in two years (Mar 2024 x Mar 2022).

Given this ongoing upward trend, our strategy of maintaining a focus on clients is reinforced by the expansion and diversification of our products, services and digital solutions.

Using metrics, data intelligence, quantitative and qualitative research, we identify and make important updates, bringing even more usability and fluidity to the experiences within the individual client mobile channel.


Artificial intelligence, one of the most discussed topics in the world, is nothing new to us. We are the first Brazilian bank to work with an AI. Introduced in 2016, BIA – Bradesco Artificial Intelligence, in Portuguese – was developed in an effort to make our clients’ lives easier and to support them in a variety of ways.

Our AI answers questions about products and services, carries out banking transactions, checks balances, account limits, future releases, latest entries, statements up to 10 years old, sends a copy of Pix receipts, searches for nearby branches using geolocation, sends notifications on investments and suspected fraud, and many other services.

And it doesn’t stop there. With the purpose of becoming a concierge for the client, relating in a friendly, trustworthy and problem-solving way, BIA is now also acting as a generative artificial intelligence.

Best Experience

In addition to the institutional website, Bradesco app, and WhatsApp, BIA can also be found on the Ágora Investimentos portal, assisting clients in performing transactions on the São Paulo Stock Exchange with information such as buying and selling shares, scheduling orders, subscribing to shares, blocking and checking on limits.

Through WhatsApp, it helps clients with account information and makes transfers via PIX with a receipt. To ensure added security for clients, it also uses messaging app to contact them in the event of suspected credit card fraud and transactions via PIX, including QR Code. As such, this speeds up the reporting and processing of these cases.

When receiving and reading users’ questions, it assesses the best response in real time, interacting in a humanized way. BIA also handles 100% of the first-line calls received by Fone Fácil Bradesco (Hotline), delivering the best customer experience and greater operational efficiency.

Marked by significant advancements, BIA is expected to grow even more. It will be used as the first line for customer service, an important role in improving the experience of our clients and users through an exclusive input channel. In addition, we started BIA’s interactions with generative artificial intelligence, delivering a more customized, efficient and fulfilling customer service experience.

These technological innovations are what drive BIA’s ongoing evolution, making it more effective and aligned with the expectations of clients and our commitment to delivering the best customer service.

1Q24 Highlights:

  • Notice of suspected fraud via QR Code – Always evolving, in addition to letting clients know if any fraud is suspected related to their Pix and credit card, BIA began to communicate to the individual customer in cases of suspected fraud in Pix transactions via a QR Code.
  • Notice of suspected Pix fraud for corporate clients – Increasingly present in the day-to-day routines of corporate clients, BIA uses WhatsApp to provide real-time alerts when there is a suspicious Pix transaction made on digital channels. Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI)  and Microentrepreneur (ME) clients are now able to validate any transactions.
  • Unlocking credit cards – Our artificial intelligence is even more resolutive. BIA now makes it easier to unlock credit cards through a conversational flow that doesn’t need menus and require waiting on lines. This new feature provides clients with added convenience by not needing to travel at a specific time to unlock.

Internet for Individuals:

We transformed our relationship with clients through Bradesco internet banking. A breakthrough made available by us, the solution helps clients access their financial information and make transactions in a practical, intuitive and secure way. By entering the name of a segment, niche or product followed by ‘.bradesco’, the client is directed to the page related to what they are looking for.

Having its own domain (, we stand as one of the few Brazilian companies to have a top-level domain or generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – an initiative by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned and Numbers), the agency responsible for Internet protocols that regulates addresses on the worldwide web.

Our communication platform is divided into two main pillars:

1. Institutional website ( – With simplified content and plain language, it offers information and clarifications on various financial products and services with the support of tutorials in videos that facilitate the content understanding. The online purchase of products of the Organization and of partners is also available on the homepage of the portal. Among these products we have cards, consortium, Losango, Cielo, among others, serving also clients who do not have a checking account in Bradesco.

2. Bradesco Internet banking for financial services – Boasting over 500 products and services, it allows clients to view statements, payments, transfers, investments, and much more. It can be accessed through a password and Security Key for account holders, and by CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry No.) and password for non-account holders.

Net Empresa

Net Empresa Desktop and App:

Offered to corporate clients, the Bradesco Net Empresa platform offers a wide variety of digital products and services. Helping entrepreneurs with different backgrounds – from individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) to major corporations – it benefits from the strength and security of Bradesco in its desktop and mobile versions.

1Q24 Highlights:

Net Empresa Desktop

  • More freedom in the Family Office – Tailored to meet the needs of high-net-worth families, Family Office companies can now take advantage of Net Empresa to execute transactions in a secure and traceable way, and can manage family wealth when using investment services, make bank and interbank transfers, payments, check balances/statements and report income.

Net Empresa App

  • Invest Fácil for all clients – Previously offered only during the account opening process, clients can now sign up for the product directly through the Net Empresa application. Invest Fácil makes it easy to automatically invest all funds available in your bank account.

Net Empresa App and Desktop

  • Improvements to access – A new process for user recovery and changing a password that provides faster access to your bank account and the services available in the Net Empresa application, without needing to contact the Customer Service Center or the Branch. In the desktop version, corporate clients received another new feature: a shortcut in the login area that directs them to the change of user process.
Fone Fácil

Fone Fácil Bradesco provides to the clients call center services supported by high technology and excellence. By means of electronic services, it is possible to carry out financial services, purchase products, obtain information and also check and perform transactions, such as paying bills, making bank and interbank transfers, taking out loans, and making investments, among others.

The Electronic Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and counts on a sophisticated system that interprets the requests of clients by voice command, offering convenience, comfort and security.

In Personalized Service, available Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we count on highly qualified financial experts, providing the best experience to the client. Emergency services such as cancellations due to fraud/scam and theft of cards and/or cell phones, are available through our personalized customer assistance line, 24/7.


Focusing on innovation, evolution and availability, the self-service machines are intended to facilitate the daily lives of our clients, providing capillarity and intuitive journeys.

There are now more than 42,000 active machines, distributed between Own Network (18,608) and Banco24Horas’ Shared Network (24,133). All machines are equipped with a biometric reader, providing boosted security and convenience in transactions with and without a card.

Our automated banking services network includes recycling machines for greater efficiency and a reduction in costs. Today, there are 8,210 machines that recycle banknotes in the Rede Própria, which allows cash to be deposited and immediately credited to the recipient’s account.

Since 2022, the envelope-free cash deposit service has been made available on 3,633 Banco24Horas machines.

With a view towards sustainability, the channel offers a way to deposit checks without needing to use envelopes, while also sending of receipts via email.

With our clients’ experience in mind, we have innovative features such as buying dollars and euros – in more than 115 machines – with a representative participation in Foreign Exchange transactions. In 2021, we implemented the Virtual Vault, providing the client with the autonomy to purchase foreign currency through the Bradesco App and withdraw it from ATM machines, which reinforces our end-to-end look to promote the best experience for the client at all points of interaction.

In addition, since 2020, proxies have much more autonomy in transactions of individual clients and can access self-service machines. They can also perform transactions in a safer and more intuitive way through biometric registration and an exclusive 6-digit password. This project won the 2023 Smart Award (Prêmio Smart 2023).

There have been over 52 years of self-service and continual efforts towards evolving, so that we can keep our machines active wherever clients need them.

Social Network

In a society that is increasingly connected, the active participation of Bradesco in social networks is a condition for sustaining the business over time, to the extent that it enables the direct dialogue and responsive to clients, and ultimately to society.

Bradesco, in a pioneering and innovative way, has been active on the main social networks since 2009 and has become a market reference. With a focus on communication, relationships, co-creation of content, and activation for business purposes, the use of social networks is an increasingly strategic way to captivate and attract clients, and maintain relationships, in addition to promotion a positive impact, through conversations about diversity, inclusion, representation, equity, plurality and respect.

We are present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Tik Tok.

We have a team of experts who interact with clients and non-clients 24 hours a day and carry the voice of the people to create active content. Another prominent facet is the work that is created along with digital content creators, such as influencers and YouTubers, which establishes a relationship and discussion with users, and genuinely reaches people. The result is an increased potential to promote information.