Digital Channels

Digital Channels

Products and processes are driven by experience in today’s world. We are increasingly learning from interactions with people in order to build platforms and journeys capable of delighting our customers while boosting engagement, fully meeting their requirements and offering the mobility and autonomy they need to grow their business smoothly.

We offer various products and services in any place and time through Digital Channels, Mobile, Internet, ATM and Contact Center, aiming to provide convenience, practicality and security for clients. In 2020, Digital Channels represented 98% of the transactions made in Bradesco, especially the channels of Mobile and Internet, which represented 89%.


Financial operations using Mobile (Individuals and Companies) have been growing exponentially, 55% when compared with the previous year (Jan to Dec/2020 vs. Jan to Dec/2019), with 20.3 million active clients. We offer the largest and most comprehensive set of solutions on the market, with numerous types of operations in Apps for iOS (iPhone) and Android mobiles.

To facilitate even more, the customer has BIA – Bradesco Artificial Intelligence, in the institutional area, which through the chat interface on the Bradesco app, assists the customer in clarifying doubts on the procedures and rules of various bank products and services.

In the transactional area, BIA also assists the customer, when the customer types or says the service he wants, it directs to the transaction. And, also, transfers between Bradesco accounts by voice command.

To promote more widespread use of App Bradesco, Customers get free 3G / 4G data. There are no charges when the customers use a cellphone to access their account due to an agreement reached between Bradesco and Brazil’s main cellphone carriers.

For legal entity customers we have available App Bradesco Net Empresa Celular (Mobile Corporate Internet Banking), where it is possible to make payments, transfers, DOC/TED (low-value and high-value wire transfers, respectively), Deposit in Check and other transactions.

Implementations in 4Q20

Bradesco Celular Pessoa Física (Mobile App for Individuals)

  • Pix – new service to pay, receive and transfer funds to the accounts of any financial institution in a few seconds, 24h a day, every day of the week, using only the registered e-mail, CPF (Individual Taxpayer’s ID) or cell phone;
  • Registration of Security Key – for those who do not have the former device, which was perhaps lost or changed, it is possible to register the Security Key using the App;
  • Balance and Statement – increase in the time to check statements from 5 to 10 years;
  • Smart Menu – offers the best loan offer in accordance with the current financial situation of each client;
  • Real Estate Financing Statement – check the financed value, total term of the finance, installments paid, details of the installments, balance due, fees, etc.;
  • Disney+ – set up a subscription to the streaming platform through the Bradesco App, with differentiated terms;
  • Mimosa new area within the Bradesco App where the client can check discounts and exclusive benefits;
  • Viva Prime – relationship program with benefits and discounts for clients of the Prime Segment;
  • Investments: showcase of investments, simulator, view balance, make and redeem investments and Pension Plans;
  • Investment in LCI and Third Party Funds.

Net Empresa Celular (Mobile Corporate Internet Banking)

  • Pix – new service to pay, receive and transfer funds to the accounts of any financial institution in a few seconds, 24h a day, every day of the week;
  • Microcredit – a line of credit for the MEI Public and for formal entrepreneurs with annual revenues of up to R$360 thousand.

We are making major R&D investments to innovate and enhance customer experience even more.

For this reason, we deployed BIA, the artificial intelligence of Bradesco, which uses the cognitive computing technology of IBM – Watson – to interact with the customer. It can now answer questions about 92 Bank products and services including loans, finance, investments, debt rescheduling, purchasing plan consortiums, foreign exchange, credit cards, insurance, franchises and business, digital channels, corporate Internet Banking (Net Empresa) and Ágora Investimentos. By December 2020, 21.9 million people have interacted with BIA.

BIA was deployed in 2016 for the employees of the Bradesco branches. In August 2017, BIA started interacting with the customer through the App Bradesco to answer questions and enable voice or text messages to transfer amounts between Bradesco accounts. It is also able to direct a customer to the service they need, which boosts assertiveness and shortens search times.

Since April 2018, BIA interacts with customers via WhatsApp to have questions answered, find their nearest branch, check their account balance, get new products, credit limits, and read financial indicator reports.

In September 2018, we upgraded BIA’s performance by deploying Google Assistant voice commands to interact with customers. Drivers can call a tow truck if their vehicle has a flat tire or an electrical fault. In 2019, BIA also started operating through Apple Business Chat and Amazon’s Alexa. With these deployments, our artificial intelligence can work in even more channels, providing convenience to users.

In January 2019, BIA started answering questions about business products and services through our Net Empresa app. Another means of answering questions and helping customers find their way around is the next App, 100% digital platform of Bradesco.

In 2020, it recorded more than 426 million interactions and started dealing with 100% of the requests on the first call to Fone Fácil (Easy Phone), besides clearing up doubts in the login area of the Bradesco App.

Since artificial intelligence is constantly evolving, BIA is in constant improvement to offer an experience that is increasingly pleasant, intelligent and intuitive to its users.


Bradesco was the first financial institution in Brazil to have a website and provide financial services over the internet in 1996. Our websites have become key sources of information for both customers and non-customers.

Today, the Bank has its own domain,, one of the few Brazilian companies to have a top-level domain or generic top-level domains (gTLDs) – an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) initiative, the body responsible for internet protocols, which regulates the addresses on the worldwide web. These proprietary addresses make accessing the contents of the Bank more practical and intuitive. When typing the name of a segment, niche or product followed by “.bradesco”, the user has direct access to the page related to what he/she is looking for.

This communication platform may be divided into two main axes for accessing and disseminating content:

1. Bradesco Institutional Website ( Features streamlined content and straight-forward language to provide the very best experience and journey. Providing clients and the general audience a significant amount of information and clarification on various financial products and services through tutorial videos that make these products easier to understand. Additionally, online sign-up for products from the Bradesco Organization and partners, such as Cards, Losango, Cielo, and others, is available on the portal home, serving clients who do not have a checking account with Bradesco.

2. Internet Banking Bradesco for financial services: Access through credentials and personal security devices for current account holders and CPF (Individual Taxpayer’s ID) and password for non-account holders. Here the customers can check their statements, make payments, transfers, Pix, investments and much more.

We introduced a new visual concept in July 2020 on the channel for a better customer experience. Not only is it modern and intuitive, but it is now possible to customize the distribution of services on the home page and obtain relevant information such as the investment portfolio, credit card limits and purchases in real time.

Bradesco’s legal entity customers can rely on our Net Empresa product. To easily and safely get statements for their account balance, to transfer amounts, Pix, make investments, send files and make many other transactions on a simple and safe way. It is important to note the MEI Digital Platform that delivers an attractive value proposal to the public, Clients and Non-Clients, offering Financial and Non-Financial Services through partners to assist in the Individual Entrepreneur’s journey, from the beginning to the end of his/her main needs.

Implementations in 4Q20

Internet Banking Pessoa Física

  • Pix – new service to pay, receive and transfer funds to the accounts of any financial institution in a few seconds, 24h a day, every day of the week, using only the registered e-mail, CPF (Individual Taxpayer’s ID) or cell phone;
  • Self-Management of Operational Collection Limits – it is possible to increase or decrease the limit for collection bill payments;
  • CHAT in the FOREX area – exclusive chat with specialists in foreign exchange for queries and assistance in transactions;
  • Disney+ – set up a subscription to the streaming platform by means of Internet Banking, with differentiated terms.

Net Empresa Desktop

  • Pix – new service to pay, receive and transfer funds to the accounts of any financial institution in a few seconds, 24h a day, every day of the week;
  • Spread payment of the credit card bill;
  • Microcredit – a line of credit for the MEI Public and for formal entrepreneurs with annual revenues of up to R$360 thousand.
Fone Fácil

Fone Fácil Bradesco provides to the clients call center services supported by high technology and excellence. By means of electronic services, it is possible to carry out financial services, purchase products, obtain information and also check and perform transactions, such as paying bills, making bank and interbank transfers, taking out loans, and making investments, among others.

The Electronic Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and counts on a sophisticated system that interprets the requests of clients by voice command, offering convenience, comfort and security.

In the Personalized Service, available Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., we count on highly qualified and certified financial experts, providing the best experience to the client.


The first machine for cash withdrawal, SOS Bradesco was installed in 1970, predecessor of the current ATMs, whereas the first self-service machine was installed in 1982.

With more than 11 million clients who make queries and transactions exclusively through the network of self-service machines, we are present in the five regions of Brazil, enabling autonomy with security in a portfolio of products with intuitive navigation and focus on digital convergence.

Maintaining high availability and capillarity, there are currently over 54 thousand active machines, distributed among Bradesco’s Own Network (30,694) and Shared Network – Banco24Horas ATMs (23,828); with more than 80% of the screens being touchscreen, enabling features that facilitate the day-to-day operations of the client, such as the withdrawal with the possibility of choosing the banknotes, quick withdrawal and sending the receipt through email.

We also have disruptive services, such as the 159 machines for the purchase of US Dollars and Euros – foreign exchange of 2 currencies in a single machine – that in the month of December represented 67% of Foreign Exchange transactions of the Organization, in which 53% of these clients had never bought foreign currency with the bank.

Strengthening our pioneer DNA, there are 7,460 machines that operate with banknote recycling, which enables the cash deposit with immediate credit in the account of the beneficiary, precluding the use of the envelope. Continuing with the cost reduction of consumables, since December 2020, approximately 800 recycling companies also received the function of deposit in check without the envelope; with clearance according to the deadline established by the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN).

The self-service machines have advanced security technology and are 100% equipped with Biometrics. The security in the palm of your hand adds, apart from the convenience in the “proof of life” for clients registered in the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), flexibility to make the most diverse transactions without a card, such as the token activation on the mobile phone and the access of proxies of individual account holders, not requiring the presence of an employee.

Social Network

In a society that is increasingly connected, the active participation of Bradesco in social networks is a condition for sustaining the business over time, to the extent that it enables the direct dialogue and responsive to clients, and ultimately to society.

Bradesco, in a pioneering and innovative way, has been active on the main social networks since 2009, and has become a market reference. With a focus on communication, relationships, co-creation of content and activation for business purposes, the social networks are an increasingly strategic way to captivate and attract clients and maintain relationships.

We are present on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Spotify, YouTube and Tik Tok.

Social networks are an increasingly strategic way to captivate and attract clients and maintain relationships and, above all, spark conversations with positive impacts, such as sustainability, diversity, representativeness, equality and respect.

Standing out, among these contents, are the tutorial videos called Bradesco Explica (Explains), live streams on investments and market trends and series of videos and live streams on the Bravoz project, which has promoted a culture of black awareness every month, and not only on November 20.

In addition, we have a team of specialists working shifts to cater for demand from customers and non-customers on a 24/7 basis. Another way of building relationships and dialogue with users is co-creating with digital content creators, such as influencers and YouTubers reaching people through the voice of the creators, in the truest form and boosting potential for disseminating information, fostering and heightening visibility for this content creation market, which has been growing and gaining power.


Social Networks

  • Pink October – Disclosure of the series “Is your October pink?” that happened throughout the month on IGTV of @bradesco with the content creator @thejacy;
  • Círio de Nazaré 2020 – This year Círio de Nazaré was streamed online, therefore, we had content showing people recalling the previous editions;
  • Children’s Day – Video of the Children’s Day Campaign, released on all platforms;
  • BRAVOZ – In the content of October, in the twelfth episode of the series on Brazilian black voices, we had the singer Gilberto Gil and actress and singer Duh Moraes talking about ancestry, cultural appreciation and management of their own careers;
  • Bradesco Women – Live stream presented by Rita Batista. In October, we had as our guest, Jaciana Melquiades, CEO of Era uma Vez o Mundo, talking about Entrepreneurship. In November, with Alessandra Loras, Organizational Change Consultant with the theme: Female Power;
  • TikTok – Videos with content creators of TikTok to talk about Security, explaining terms and recurrent scams and about financial education;
  • Judo Interclub Brazil Cup 2020 – Bradesco made its realization possible together with the CBJ. In addition to relying on the transmission of the fights it allowed people to participate as virtual fans;
  • End of Year – On the day of the end of year campaign film launch, we published the 60″ version of the movie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and the full version on our YouTube and LinkedIn channels.