Bradesco believes that accessibility is synonymous with respect and inclusion. It’s a way to bring people together and make life simpler. For this purpose, our transformation is ongoing and comprises several measures intended to provide greater autonomy and independence in the bank’s relationship with clients and non-clients. These steps include the introduction of accessible self-service tellers (2005), exclusive customer service for the hearing impaired (2006), and accessible marketing campaigns (2019).

And the initiatives don’t stop. We have projects and actions focused on connecting with communities, empowering and minimizing barriers to access information, banking and digital inclusion, such as:


Bradesco Digital Libras (Brazilian Sign Language)

A pioneering tool in the banking sector that helps hearing-impaired clients speak to a manager from any branch via a video using sign language.

Our core driving factor was to deliver a solution that improves the relationship between our managers and hearing-impaired clients and non-clients. This is a significant portion of the population, representing 14% of Brazilians – according to data from the WHO (World Health Organization).

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Digital Channels

Digital transformation is challenging, and when the subject is accessibility, the commitment needs to be even greater. In this context, the experience has to be respected and adapted to the way the person prefers, regardless of the resources they are using. This is where our websites and Apps undergo an analysis that looks at accessibility with the goal of making the experience even more user-friendly and intuitive.

The client can also use facilitating services such as BIA, InfoCelular, Infoemail, DDA, among others.

Our accessibility solutions are available free-of-charge to Bradesco clients and to the community. See some of them:

  • Monthly consolidated statement, template for completion of checks and card-holder in Braille/enlarged font
  • Safety device that generates and verbalizes numeric passwords
  • Translation feature in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) on the website
  • ATM with screen reader software, tactile markings and translation in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language)
  • Architectural accessibility in branches

Some of our actions:

Fidelize Project

We offer, on demand, personalized services and accessible to clients during the account opening process.

Qualification and internal engagement


Bradesco’s employees undergo training aimed to their development on multiple platforms of the Organization. Inclusion and accessibility are essential in this process of training of professionals.

Therefore, our job is to engage, connect and support the sharing of knowledge. This brings many benefits, mainly, in the relationship, and in the offer of products and services that meet the expectations of the client.