Information Security

Information Security

When validating transactions on electronic channels, we apply Digital Validation. This increases the level of security by using an optical reading of the physical token and the QR-Code technology integrated into the Bradesco Mobile App. These security controls provide clients with greater autonomy to perform transactions on digital channels, like unlocking a card, personalizing transaction limits, or making payments and transfers – without the need to visit a branch. It also makes for a better experience, as it is more convenient. We should point out that the password and security devices continue to validate access and transactions throughout all Service Channels.

The Hand Palm Biometrics system is already consolidated and it reinforces security and convenience to the client. The biometric authentication was chosen by Bradesco for being one of the safest forms of identification in the market. We also have Voice Biometrics, fully deployed in the Fone Fácil (Easy Phone) channel.

Clients using the Internet Banking Channel (Individuals) and Net Empresa Portal (Companies) can access the Bradesco Security Component on desktops and notebooks, which is designed to provide more security when performing online transactions.

It is also now possible to register the password to access digital channels (4-digit password) directly in the Bradesco Mobile App. This new feature is available to individuals, first account holders, Physical Token users, or Mobile Token clients.

In a never-ending quest to anticipate the mitigation of risks in its activities, Bradesco monitors its data and transaction environments continuously, employing technology, processes and personnel specialized in the field.

The products and services are analyzed by a team of experts from the Department of Corporate Security, who are focused on continuously working on the prevention and correction of actions to ensure the security of the information, in systems that provide support to the business and are aligned with the clients’ usability.

In attention to Law No. 13,709/2018 (General Law of Data Protection – LGPD) we constituted an area dedicated to Governance and Management of Privacy, we have developed the Program of Privacy Management, integrated with Corporate Governance, and we made known the identification and contacts of the Data Protection Officer. We periodically review and update, where appropriate, the definitions of products and services, ensuring the adequacy to the LGPD. Aiming at transparency, the clients and data subjects in general have at their disposal mechanisms of self service to meet their rights through electronic channels that process the requests automatically.

In addition, we update content on social media and on the institutional site (bradescoseguranca) addressing education for digital security and data protection. We also have a channel where the public can forward suspicious messages, the, as a means of combating the misuse of the Internet.