Bradesco Shares

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In Brazil, Bradesco's shares are traded on the São Paulo Stock Exchange, with a high daily volume of transactions, ensuring liquidity to the investor, i.e., ease of transforming the securities into cash at any time.

Abroad, Bradesco's shares are traded on the Madrid Stock Exchange, in Spain, and on the New York Stock Exchange, by means of securities called ADRs – American Depositary Receipts.

The Common shares present their holders the right to vote at shareholders' meetings in addition to having 100% Tag Along. The Preferred shares present to their holders the right to a dividend per share 10% higher than that paid to holders of common shares and have 80% Tag Along.

Type Tag Along Dividend B3 Brasil NYSE USA  Latibex Madrid
Commom 100% 100% BBDC3 BBDO  
Preferred 80% 110% BBDC4 BBD XBBDC

Other indexes

Besides the Ibovespa, the securities of Bradesco participate in other important indexes of the São Paulo Stock Exchange. Among them, we highlight:

Corporate Sustainability Index – ISE
Share Index with Differentiated Tag Along – ITAG;
Share Index with Differentiated Corporate Governance, IGC;
Brazil Indexes – IBrX50 and Ibr100; and

Efficient Carbon Index (ICO2).

Abroad, the main index of which Bradesco is a member of is the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index - DJSI, of the New York Stock Exchange, an indicator of the best companies in the world in terms of adoption of good practices of corporate governance, transparency, ethics and social and environmental responsibility. 

Tag Along

The Law # 10,303, of October 31, 2001, included the Article 254-A in the Law 6,404, of December 15, 1976 (Corporation Law), setting that, in case of sale of the company’s control, the holders of voting shares not pertaining to the controlling block were assured a price at least equal to 80% of the amount paid per voting right share belonging to the controlling block. In order to protect the minority shareholders’ rights, on December 17, 2003 Bradesco included the tag along in its Bylaws (Paragraphs 1 and 2, Article 6), with rights higher than those established by Law, it means 100% for the common shares and 80% for the preferred ones.