Earnings Result Disclosure Procedures

Earnings Result Disclosure Procedures

The Quarterly Financial Results Disclosure Procedures of Banco Bradesco S.A. (“Bradesco”) aim at defining and guaranteeing that, besides uniformity, the process is conveyed to the market in an equal and transparent way.

Guidance means the guidelines informed to the Market on the prospects of Bradesco’s Results to the current year, which approach the following points:
:: Expanded Loan Portfolio;
:: Financial Margin;
:: Provision of Services;
:: Operating Expenses (Administrative and Personnel Expenses);
:: Results of Insurance, Private Pension and Capitalization Operations;
:: Expanded Allowance for Doubtful Accounts.

Press Release
Digital Document that summarize the main numbers, indexes and results of the quarter. Press Release is informed to the market by the quarterly presentations disclosed on Bradesco’s Investors Relations website, besides being sent to the individuals registered in the mailing (contacts database) and to the Market, by means of CVM and of B3.

Silence Period

This is the period of 15 consecutive days, prior to the Quarterly Earnings Results Disclosure Date, in which Bradesco may not render clarifications or discuss with the Market any type of information related to the referred Earnings Results.

Earnings Results Disclosure
Disclosure will be handled as follows:
:: Financial statements availability (prior to the opening of B3’s trading session) on Bradesco’s Investor Relations website – banco.bradesco/ir;
:: Conference call for specialized press; and
:: Conference Call for Market Analysts and public at large.

Conference Calls
The conference calls are carry out in Portuguese and English for presentation of the main numbers of the quarter and for opening for questions and answers. The accesses can be made by phone and internet and the materials remain available on the Bradesco’s Investor Relations website.

APIMEC Encounters
In the course of the year, it occurs, in partnership with APIMEC (Association of Capital Markets Analysts and Investment Professionals), encounters of Bradesco with Market Analysts and Investors to discussion of the disclosed results, as well as the strategies and future prospects.