Created in 2017 as a digital bank focused on the hyperconnected generation, next is positioned today as a digital platform that aims to simplify everyone’s life, providing financial education and being a partner in helping clients reach their goals in life.

next’s ecosystem offers financial and non-financial services. In addition to the checking account and credit and debit card, the client has at his/her disposal options for investments and loans, insurance, financial management tools, salary accounts, accounts for children and teens (the nextJoy account, in partnership with Disney), cell phone top-up, discounts and exclusive offers in nextShop, its marketplace introduced in November of 2021, offers exclusive benefits in partnership with a number of brands in the Mimos hub, and integration with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and WhatsApp Pay digital wallets.

The performance of next is based on customer-centricity. This premise is followed to the letter with constant investments in data analysis and intelligence (analytics), to understand trends and behaviors, helping to anticipate the creation of a new service or suggestion for the client. The Customer Experience (UX) and Customer Service are also key areas, focused on providing the best journey and actively listening to the demands. By prioritizing the clients, next traces their goals, aiming at sustainable growth, guaranteeing quality services, actual indexes of satisfaction and engagement in the use of the App.

In the first quarter of 2022, it reached the mark of 11 million clients – a 153% increase over the last 12 months.


  • Aarin: next acquired startup Aarin, a techfin focused on invisible banking experiences. NextShop will be the main beneficiary of the acquisition and will now be able to offer payments via Pix to clients. This will also be next’s first step in attracting micro-entrepreneurs and corporate clients, developing solutions in conjunction with Aarin.
  • Credit: next implemented a new credit strategy, increasing the approval rate of new cards and an expectation for a reduction in defaulters.
  • nextShop: next’s marketplace implemented a series of discounts and cashback initiatives over the quarter, playing a role in the growth of next’s total transacted volume. Today, there are 40 partner stores (119% more than in the previous quarter), and the number of items offered went from 100,000 to 200,000.
  • Multi-bank license: in an attempt to grow the business with an even more complete offering of financial and credit services to clients, next filed for a multiple banking license with the Central Bank of Brazil earlier this year.
  • nextJoy: the next account intended for children and teenagers began offering payments and transfers via Pix and jumped from 21 partner brands to 46.