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Bradesco Digital Channels offer several innovative solutions which provide greater autonomy and independence to people with disabilities.

Bradesco is a pioneer in offering banking products for these clients:

• Internet Banking for the visually impaired–Virtual Vision;

• ATMs with translation into Brazilian Sign Language in withdrawal operations and voice software that verbalizes the amounts and positions of the bank notes, besides devices and keys with suitable height for those using wheelchairs;

• Visual Mouse for those with motor impairments;

• Libras (Brazilian signal language) solutions found at the Internet Banking (Open your Account item), at the Bank’s Facebook page and at the website of Bradesco Seguros;

• Personalized assistance for the visually, hearing or speaking impaired in Fone Fácil;

• Request for statement and template to fill in Braille or enlarged font checks through Fone Fácil channel;

• Bradesco Electronic Security Key for visually impaired customers;

• Debit and credit card holder in Braille and enlarged font;

• Credit solutions through CDC Accessibility;

• Computer Skills Courses using Virtual Vision, offered by the Bradesco Foundation;

• Lectures and workshops on Financial Independence, aimed at people with disabilities.


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