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Bradesco Digital Channels offer several innovative solutions which provide greater autonomy and independence to people with disabilities.

Bradesco is a pioneer in offering banking products for these clients:

• Internet Banking for the visually impaired–Virtual Vision;

• ATMs that comply with ABNT’s rules, with translation into Brazilian Sign Language and voice software – that verbalizes the amounts and positions of the bank notes – in withdrawal operations, tactile reading and devices with suitable height for people using wheelchairs or of short stature;

• Withdrawals using Libras (Brazilian signal language) available in the Bradesco ATM Network;

• Visual Mouse for those with motor impairments;

• Libras (Brazilian signal language) solutions found at the Internet Banking (Open your Account item), at the Bank’s Facebook page and at the website of Bradesco Seguros;

• Personalized assistance for the visually impaired in Fone Fácil;

• Customer Service for people with speech or hearing disabilities;

• Request for statement and template to fill in Braille or enlarged font checks through Fone Fácil channel;
• Token DV (Bradesco Electronic Security Key for visually impaired customers);

• Embossed debit and credit cards;

• Debit and credit card holder in Braille and enlarged font;

• Credit solutions through CDC Accessibility;Lectures about banking autonomy solutions to employees and clients with disabilities; and

• Computer Skills Courses using Virtual Vision, offered free of charge (to account holders and nonaccountholders) by the Bradesco Foundation;

Most Branches are aquipped with access ramps, tactile flooring, visual signs, bathrooms, appropriate furniture and parking spaces exclusive for people with disabilities or reduced mobility anteh elderly – some branches are under adaptation process.


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