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Bradesco offers banking products and services that contribute to the autonomy and independence of its customers, and reaffirms its commitment to social responsibility by providing people with disabilities or reduced mobility with some assistance services at Bradesco Dia & Noite Digital Channels, the main of which are:

• Access for the visually or physically impaired customers in the ATM Network.
• Internet banking for the visually impaired.
• Libras (Brazilian signal language) solutions found in Open your Account item on Internet Banking and the Bank’s page on Facebook;
• Visual Mouse for those with motor impairments.
• Personalized assistance for the visually, hearing and speaking impaired in Fone Fácil.
• Request for statement and template to fill in Braille or enlarged font checks through Fone Fácil channel.
• Bradesco Celular for the visually impaired.
• Bradesco Electronic Security Key for the visually impaired.
• Loan solutions through CDC Hearing Impaired Phone and CDC Accessibility.


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