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Bradesco Prime

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Bradesco Prime is present in 100% Brazilian cities and offers an innovative concept of bankcustomer relations, targeting individuals with monthly income of R$9 thousand or higher or with investments equal to or greater than R$100 thousand. The segment offers a complete relationship, through tailor-made services, commitment to the quality of its products and services and unlimited dedication to its customers’ needs.

Throughout its history, Bradesco Prime has invested in technology, in the improvement of the relationship with its customers and in the qualification of its professionals. Thus, it has also achieved an outstanding position in the Brazilian high-income market and has consolidated its position as the largest customer service network, with 304 branches and 381 Bradesco Prime Rooms.

Since 2005, the Bradesco Prime department has been certified by Fundação Carlos Alberto Vanzolini, NBR ISO 9001:2008 rule under the scope of “Management of Bradesco Prime Segment” score, strengthening Bradesco’s commitment to continuously improving methods and pursuing customer’ satisfaction.



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