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Bradesco Consórcios

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The Bradesco Organization’s strategy to the consortium market in January 2003 was aimed at offering the most complete portfolio of products and services to its customers, both account holders and non-account holders. In keeping with this goal, the Organization provides consortium plans accessible to all social classes, meeting demands of the market. To sell consortium plans, Bradesco relies on the mobilization of the entire team of the Branch Network, Regional Managers and Officers, and the Insurance Group’s Sales Organization (SO).

Bradesco Consórcios remains a market leader in number of active quotas in the real estate and auto segments, since 2004, and in the trucks/tractors/machinery and equipment segment, since October 2008.

In order to consolidate its footprint and leadership in the Brazilian market, in the first quarter, Bradesco Consórcios posted income of R$187.1 million, 33.1% up on the same period in 2013, and more than 1,100 million active quotas, 780,000 assets delivered and a total credit portfolio, granted and not granted, of more than R$44.5 billion. The Organization inaugurated 151 groups, totaling 3,505 ongoing groups. 



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