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Banco Bradesco Financiamentos

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Banco Bradesco Financiamentos offers consumer financing lines for the acquisition of passenger or cargo vehicles, other goods and services and leasing operations, as well as payroll-deductible loans, and thereby operates as Bradesco’s financing company. The Auto segment is traded by Bradesco Financiamentos and payroll-deductible loans are sold by Bradesco Promotora.

Auto Segment (Bradesco Financiamentos)

Bradesco Financiamentos specializes in offering vehicle financing and leasing lines with CDC and leasing solutions to Bradesco customers and the population at large, using its own or onlending funds.

Services are offered through its extensive associated network made up of dealers and concessionaires of motorcycles and light and transportation vehicles, totaling about 12,790 nationwide active commercial partners.

Payroll-Deductible Loans Segment (Bradesco Promotora)

Bradesco Promotora specializes in payroll deductible loans for INSS retirees and pensioners, as well as public sector employees (federal, state and municipal) and those of private sector companies.

It operates in every Brazilian state through 1,949correspondent banks.

Equity Result for the the first half of 2014 was R$977 million, whereas Shareholders’ Equity was
R$23.389 billion.


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