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Bradesco Seguros e Previdência

Bradesco Seguros, headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro, provides a wide range of insurance products to individuals and corporate clients in Brazil, and also offers insurance products not only on an individual basis, but also under corporate agreements, according to which companies’ employees are insured. Bradesco Seguros’ products include health, life, personal accident, automobile insurance and other assets, with health insurance comprising the largest portion of its insurance area.

Due to its solid structure, a policy of product innovation and consumer reliance, Bradesco Vida e Previdência maintained its leadership, holding a market share of 28,5% in terms of income from private pension plans and VGBL. (source: Susep).

Net income for the nine months of 2013 was 12.0%, higher than the result posted in the same period of the previous year, mainly as a result of: (i) the 8.7% increase in revenue; (ii) the 0.8 p.p. decrease in Life product claims ratio; (iii) the increase in the financial result; and (iv) the improved administrative efficiency ratio.

In September 2013, the number of Bradesco Vida e Previdência customers grew by 10.9% compared to September 2012, surpassing a total of 2.3 million pension plan and VGBL plan participants and 25.6 million life and personal accident participants.. This impressive growth was fueled by the strength of the Bradesco brand and the improvement of selling and management policies.

Bradesco Saúde and Mediservice

Together, the two companies have over 4.1 million clients. The high share of corporate policies in the overall portfolio (95.4% in September 2013) shows the Company’s high level of specialization and customization in the corporate segment, a major competitive advantage in today’s supplementary health insurance market.

In September 2013, Bradesco Saúde and Mediservice maintained strong market position in the corporate segment (source: ANS).

Over 75 thousand companies in Brazil have Bradesco Saúde insurance and Mediservice plans. Of the 100 largest companies in Brazil in terms of revenue, 52 are Bradesco Saúde and Mediservice customers (source: Exame magazine’s Best and Major Companies (Melhores e Maiores) ranking, July 2013)

Bradesco Capitalização

Bradesco Capitalização ended the third quarter of 2013 leading the capitalization bond companies ranking, due to its policy of transparency and of adjusting its products based on potential consumer demand.

To offer savings bonds that are ideally suited to the profile and budget of clients, various products were developed that vary in accordance with the payment conditions (lump-sum or monthly), contribution term, frequency of drawings and premium amounts. This phase was mainly characterized by the closer relationship with the public by consolidating the Pé Quente Bradesco family of products.

Among these, we can point out the performance of our social and environmental products, from which a part of the profit is allocated to social responsibility projects, while also allowing the customer to create a financial reserve. Bradesco Capitalização currently has partnerships with the following social and environmental institutions: (i)Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica (contributes to the conservation of bio and cultural diversity the Atlantic Forest, stimulating social and environmental citizenship); (ii) Instituto Ayrton Senna (contributes to education and human development, reducing illiteracy rates, school failure and drop-out rates); (iii) Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (contributes to the sustainable development, environmental preservation and improvement to the quality of life of the communities that live and benefit from the preservation centers in the state of Amazonas); (iv) the Brazilian Cancer Control Institute (contributes to the development of projects for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Brazil); and, (v) Projeto Tamar (created to preserve sea turtles).

Bradesco Auto/RE

In the Property Insurance segment, the focus on large brokers and Corporate and Middle Market customers was maintained. This results in renewal of the main accounts, whether in leadership or participation in co-insurance. Also note the excellent performance of the Engineering Risks segment: the partnership with the Real Estate Loan area has enabled new insurance contracts from its customer base
Despite strong competition in the Auto/RCF line, the insurer still has its fleet of approximately 1.3 million vehicles—which proves its power of competitiveness, mainly due to improvements to current products and the creation of products for a specific target-public. Among them, it is worth noting the launch of the First Vehicular Protection of Bradesco Seguro (Bradesco Seguro Primeira Proteção Veicular), exclusive to Bradesco’s account holders, which helps, through the Day and Night Support services, new vehicles and vehicles of up to 15 years of use.

Mass insurance targets individuals, self-employed professionals and SMEs. The launch of new products combined with the continuous improvement to methods and systems has contributed to maintenance of customer base, which comprises around 3.6 million customers in the last 12 months.


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